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Shift.gearbox software.con/ttwl: Tiny Tina’s Dragon Keep Assault 

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Shift.gearbox software.con/ttwl, In Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep, there is a type of enemy that levels up like Goliath. Make sure to beat them fast!

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How to get to the DLC: Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep 

After you’ve installed the required update and downloadable content, you must finish the “My First Gun” mission in Windshear Waste if you haven’t already. After you finish this mission, the Fast Travel System will show Unassuming Docks.

Before you can move on in Assault on Dragon Keep, your character must be at least level 30.

Where do I go to get the DLC I bought ahead of time? 

Any DLC that you pre-order will show up in your inbox, which you can access from the Mail tab of the game’s Social menu. You won’t be able to redeem these from the main menu, so make sure to jump into the game to get them all.

How do I get my SHiFT account disconnected? 

From within the game, you can’t disconnect your SHiFT account. Sign in to your SHiFT account on an internet browser to manage your linked accounts and unlink your accounts from different platforms.

What do I do to get Skeleton Keys? 

SHiFT Codes can give you Skeleton Keys and other fun things. Follow Gearbox on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook for the best chance of getting SHiFT codes. Keep an eye out for codes, which you can then redeem from the SHiFT tab of the Social menu in-game or on the SHiFT website here: https://shift.gearboxsoftware.com/rewards. 

How do I see the list of names? 

You can see the credits in two ways: either by holding down the right button on the main menu or by beating the game’s big bad boss and letting the credits roll while you enjoy your victory.

Where are the rewards I earned by playing Borderlands games? 

When your SHiFT account is linked to Borderlands 3, you can get Wonderlands Loyalty Reward points. But you only get this once across all your platforms, so choose wisely!

Where can I find out what my Badass/Guardian Rank is? 

The Guardian Rank has been changed to “Myth Rank” in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. This works a lot like the Badass/Guardian Rank in the Borderlands games, but you can’t get to it until you reach level 40. This can be found in the AURA menu once it has been unlocked.

Tiny Tina’s Assault 

This game is a great example of the phrase “Quality over Quantity.” You get so involved in the side quests that you feel like you’re on the main quest.

The way they built characters also gave the story a lot of depth and a sense of being worth it. Since a lot of your kit is locked behind story events, it’s good to have a short story.

To get a class feat, 2 ring slots, an amulet, 2 gun slots, and a subclass, you have to move through the story.

The game is harder to play again because the storyline is so long. So, you can actively get into each class and see your character grow.

If you play through all six classes, each of which takes 10 hours, you’ll have at least 60 hours of story content. If you do all of the quests and collectibles, you’ll spend more than 50 hours on a single playthrough.

Manufacturers may have a crossbow barrel that changes how the gun works. They also have magic barrels that look like trees. Even though they look the same, the global crit system changes how a lot of guns work.

The new item slots are a big change because they let you build your character more deeply. There are many ways to change things.

By making grenades into spells, self-damage has been taken away. So, it gives more options to players who want to focus more on non-gun play styles.


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