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Ramee Facebook Gaming RP & Gaming Streams Live Daily

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Ramee’s Facebook page can be found at https://www.facebook.com/gaming/Ramee/.

How to Sign in to Your Account


Now that you’ve signed up and confirmed your account, you can use these steps to get back into your app if you ever get logged out.


If you’re on a browser, go to https://discord.com/login as a first step.

Whether you’re on a computer or a phone, you can open the Discord app right away! (You can find out more about how to get the app here.)

Once you’re on the login page, type in 1) your verified email address or 2) your verified phone number for your Discord account in the first text box.

Note: Before you can use your phone number login, your Discord account will need to be linked to your phone number. Find out how to link your phone number to your Discord account by clicking here.

Type the password for your account in the second box!



If you already have the mobile app for Discord and want to sign in quickly and securely on both the desktop and mobile apps, you can also use the QR Code Login!

Start by logging into your Discord account on your mobile device before using QR Code Login.

Then, in your Discord app on your phone, open the User Settings menu and choose the Scan QR Code option.

Note: In order to scan the QR Code, the app on your phone will ask for permission to use the camera.

Once the scanner is open, just line up the box with the QR code on the screen. You’ll then be asked to verify your Discord login on your mobile device.

Note: Never approve a QR code login that you didn’t make yourself! If someone sent you a QR code that took you to the login verification screen, click the “Cancel” button right away.


As part of an experiment we are running right now, you can give us your email address or phone number and we will send you an 8-character login code via email or SMS.

Once you get this login code, you can put it back into the app to finish the process of logging in.

At the moment, this is an experiment, and not everyone will be able to take part in it. Keep an eye out for more information as it comes.


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