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Myapplications.microsoft.com login: Microsoft MyApps Sign In

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My Apps is a web portal for managing and launching Azure Active Directory applications (Azure AD). Use an organizational account in Azure AD and get access from the Azure AD administrator to work with apps in My Apps. My Apps is different from the Azure portal, and users don’t need to sign up for Azure or Microsoft 365 to use it.

Sign In – Microsoft MyApps

  • Users can use the My Apps portal to find out what apps they can use, request new apps that the organization supports for self-service, and see what apps they can use. 
  • Make your own personal collection of apps. 
  • Manage access to applications The following factors determine if an application from the enterprise applications list in the Azure portal shows up in the My Apps portal for a user or group: In the app’s properties, it is set to be seen. 
  • The user or group is given the application.

Learn about the properties of an application.

How a user interacts with an app in the My Apps portal depends on the properties that have been set up for that app.

Will users be able to sign in? If this property is set to Yes, users who have been given access to the app can sign in from the My Apps portal. 
Name: The name of the app that users see on the My Apps portal. When administrators control who can use the application, they can see the name. 
Homepage URL: This is the URL that opens when the app is chosen from the My Apps portal. 
Logo: the logo for an application that users can see on the My Apps portal. 
Visible to users: This option makes the app show up in the My Apps portal. When this value is set to Yes, applications that don’t yet have users or groups assigned to them may not show up in the My Apps portal. In the My Apps portal, the app can only be seen by users who have been given access to it.

Myapplications.microsoft.com login: Microsoft MyApps Sign In

Find out about applications.

When you log in to the My Apps portal, you can see the apps that have been made public. Set up the right properties in the Azure portal for an app to show up in the My Apps portal. Also in the Azure portal, give the right members to the right user or group.

To find an application in the My Apps portal, type the name of the application into the search box at the top of the page. The list of applications can be shown in either a list view or a grid view.

Branding the company

In the My Apps portal, the application’s logo and name are used to show off the company’s brand. These are set up in the Azure portal. The banner logo, like the Contoso Demo logo below, is at the top of the page.

Get to the applications

Users can access an application in different ways, depending on a number of factors. What can be done with an app depends on what permissions have been given to it. Applications can be set up so that users can access them on their own, or access can only be given by the administrator of the tenant.

extension for My Apps

To sign in to some apps, you need to install the My Apps Secure Sign-in extension. The extension is needed to sign in to applications that use password-based SSO or that Azure AD Application Proxy accesses. When users open a password-based single sign-on or an Application Proxy application for the first time, they are asked to install the extension.

To integrate these apps, you need to come up with a way to distribute the extension to all browsers that support it. Some choices are:

Internet Explorer users can download and set up Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or IE Configuration Manager on their own. 
The extension gives users access to recently used apps and a link to the My Apps portal. Users can launch any app from the search bar. Use Microsoft Edge mobile to connect to apps that use password-based SSO or Microsoft Azure AD Application Proxy. Any mobile browser can be used for other kinds of apps. Make sure to turn on password-based SSO in the mobile settings, which can be off by default. Setting > Privacy and Security > Azure AD Password SSO is one example.


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