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How to Ollie with a Tech Deck

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This guide will show you how to do an ollie on a fingerboard (tech deck).

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Step 1: Finger placement

Two fingers: flatten your middle finger on the kicktail and put your index finger in the middle of the deck.
Three fingers: the ring finger on the kicktail, the middle finger in the middle of the deck, and the index finger on the deck’s front bolts.

Step 2: Pop the Board

To make the board “pop,” you will push on the kicktail. This part of the trick is what makes the board fly up.

Step 3: Slide or jump

To get the board to fly, you have to move your index finger to the front of the board and level it out in the air.

Three fingers: Once you pop the board, use your index finger to put enough pressure on it to level it out. Leave your middle finger where it is.

Step 4: Do it!

Practice on the side of your leg is a great way to learn how to ollie. Like the next picture?


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